Class Information

Competition Dance:

Our competitive group builds on the techniques and skills learned during participation in weekly classes and prepares dancers for the dancing in local competitions. Competition preparation includes weekly technique classes, as well as group time for rehearsal of choreography. Performance numbers are determined by CNYPAS teachers.    

Enrollment in dance is required for consideration and students must be enrolled in at least one Ballet class.  Students must exhibit consistent attendance, and behavior or may be asked not to participate in the group for the remainder of the competition year.  

Barre Classes - A workout class based on the ballet barre principles. Our classes include ballet barre and floor work to create a fun and energizing environment to work out. Classes are open to all and modifications are provided to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the workout. You won't get bored and you'll never feel lost! No dance experience required. 

Creative Movement (2 and 3 year olds) – 30 minute class: A class designed to start the student off on their dance experience.  Children will learn the basic motor skills necessary for any new dancer to acquire.  Each class will incorporate a tap session.  This is a fun and creative way to introduce your child to movement and dance.  Combo (4 and 5 year olds) – 45 minute class: A class consisting of beginner ballet and tap. Students will build upon the basic skills taught in creative movement including ballet technique, and terminology.  Students will learn how to incorporate basic techniques into ballet, tap, and jazz. 

Roll off Combo (5 and 6 year olds) – 45 minute class: A class designed to build on the ballet technique and terminology taught in the combination class and providing an introduction to jazz techniques.  This class provides the student with the experience to grow into the full hour classes. 

Ballet (7 and up) – 1 hour class: Ballet is the study of classical movement, throughout the ages, using classical and lyrical music styles.  Ballet is the most fundamental style of dance and is essential for the dancer who wants to progress their dance studies. Students will learn proper placement, technique, terminology, and performance skills using barre work and exercises across the floor. 

Pointe (12 and up) – 1 hour class: This class is intended to provide the dancer a deeper exploration of ballet technique.  Proper technique and ballet experience is required for students to be considered for pointe classes.  Pointe students must also be enrolled in a ballet class. 

Jazz (7 and up) – 1 hour class: This class is a popular and fun form of stylized dance, ranging from musical theater to funk. Building on ballet techniques it is a class filled with leaps, turns, stretching, and fun. Tap (7 and up) – 45 minute class:  This is a fun blend of technique and rhythm.  The class teaches students how to create rhythmic sounds and patterns, learning traditional steps, turns, and combinations, to a variety of contemporary and popular music styles. 

Hip Hop (8 and up) – 1 hour class: This is a fun, physical, and creative style of dance fusing many rhythm, movement, and unique choreography. It is a high energy class consisting of isolations, footwork, and today’s most popular music.  Hip hop does incorporate basic dance technique so previous dance experience OR enrollment in at least one other class is required to prevent injury and additional stress on the body. 

Contemporary (10 and up) – 1 hour class: A genre of concert dance that employs systems and methods found in modern dance and postmodern dance.  Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques by omitting structured form and movement.  Enrollment in contemporary classes should be accompanied by ballet.